Growth centre

An important commercial growth centre

Lappeenranta is by far the most important commercial growth centre in Southeastern Finland. The tourism business in the city has developed intensively over the last years. It has been promoted by improvements in international connections, persistent and efficient marketing efforts, and appealing tourist attractions. In 2015, Lappeenranta was visited by over 2 million foreign travellers. Large sums have been invested in accommodation services, shops, restaurants, spas and entertainment services, and several forecasts predict a rise in the demand of services in the future.

The first section of the expanded IsoKristiina shopping centre was opened in spring 2015. In the renovated centre, the total surface area of the rental premises rose from 19,800 m2 (of which 14,100 m2 were business premises) to 34,000 m2. The shopping centre also houses a cinema and the Lappeenranta City Theatre. The renovations were recognised and awarded in April 2016 as the shopping centre act of the year.


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