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A constantly developing city

Lappeenranta is the commercial growth centre of Southeastern Finland, and its development is intensive. A number of construction projects are under way around the city, including both business and office premises and residential buildings.

A city of development

Current construction projects in the heart of Lappeenranta

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Lappeenranta is a busy tourist hub; in tax-free sales in Finland, the city is second only to Helsinki. According to Statistics Finland, the number of Russian tourists is still great, despite the poor exchange rate of the Russian ruble – in 2015, the city was visited by over 1.4 million Russians. The total number of tourists visiting Lappeenranta in 2015 was over 2 million. Traffic across the border was busy, with nearly 3 million crossings.

Over EUR 130 million have been invested in Holiday Club Saimaa, the largest tourist hub in the Nordic countries. Around EUR 50 million will also be invested in new projects that are currently being planned or under construction.


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