A city of development

A city of development

There are many construction projects under way in the heart of Lappeenranta, with many business, office and residential buildings currently under development.

A city of development

Current construction projects in the heart of Lappeenranta

  1. The City quarter: business and office buildings, with over 20,000 m2 of floor space under construction
  2. The Town Hall quarter: business, residential and office space
  3. The Karjalankulma quarter: business, residential and office space
  4. The Pormestarinkortteli quarter and Paasikivenpuisto park: business, residential and office space, included in the planning scheme for 2016–2017; the plans also include an underground garage underneath the Paasikivenpuisto park
  5. The former Lappeenranta City Theatre site: local plan under development
  6. The City Hall and IsoKristiina quarters: the expansion of the IsoKristiina shopping centre was completed in spring 2015
  7. The volunteer fire brigade and Palvelukeskussäätio plots: planning ongoing
  8. The Lappeenrannan Energia quarter: business, residential and office space
  9. The former day care centre site in the Pallo district: change to local plan, selling of plots
  10. The buildings are becoming vacated in the Rakuunamäki garrison area
  11. Lappeenkatu 3: planning on-going

The objectives for the development plans for the Lappeenranta city centre for 2030, currently being drawn, include:

  • a balanced and sustainable structure for trade and services
  • a sufficient number of good plots for the use of employers and for residential purposes and public services
  • the development of a harmonious urban structure, in collaboration with representatives of industry and commerce, public administration and the residents of the city

The expansion of the IsoKristiina shopping centre was completed and the centre opened for commerce in spring 2015. The renovations were given an award in April 2016 known as the Shopping Centre Act of the Year.

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