A unique location

Its great location, services and road and transport connections make Lappeenranta an excellent choice for enterprises looking for growth. Located halfway between two metropolises, Helsinki and St. Petersburg, the region can offer a safe operating environment with a market of over 5 million consumers. There is over 100 000 inhabitants in commuting area of Lappeenranta, including Imatra and other near cities. 

International road, air, rail and water connections and the six local border-crossing points increase the market potential even further. The international Lappeenranta Airport provides connections to Europe and other continents. Located close to the city centre, the airport can serve up to 300,000–500,000 travellers per year. Travel times by air from Lappeenranta to some of the major cities in Europe are short:

  • Stockholm 1 h 10 min
  • Berlin 2 h 15 min
  • Copenhagen 1 h 55 min
  • Brussels 2 h 55 min

As a railway junction, Lappeenranta offers excellent connections to other parts of Finland and also functions as a gateway to the Russian railway network. A train ride from Lappeenranta to Helsinki takes less than 2 hours, and even by car the trip is only a little over 2 hours long. By the Allegro train, St. Petersburg is only an hour-and-a-half away. The Saimaa Canal offers sea connections to European ports. Highways 6 and 13 meet in Lappeenranta. The road connections are great from everywhere in Finland, and from St. Petersburg.

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