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One of the three technology universities in Finland

One of the three technology universities in Finland is located in the Eastern Finland city of Lappeenranta. There are approximately 5,700 students of technology and business studying at LUT. It is an internationally recognised Green Campus that attracts students from all over Finland. LUT boasts more students that are originally from the Helsinki metropolitan area, than any other university in Finland. The total number of students studying at the various educational institutes in Lappeenranta is about 10,000. 

LUT has been ranked among the top 20 global international ‘rising stars’. It is expected to challenge the cream of the university world, by 2030. Read more about the study here.

Research carried out at LUT focuses on topics, such as, renewable energy, recycling of waste and nutrients and sustainable business. Internationally recognised top research also benefits companies, as LUT collaborates with many of them. 

Learn more about LUT’s operations here.

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