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Innovative research units

The Lappeenranta University of Technology is Finland’s first university that has been granted an environmental certificate. LUT offers doctoral programmes in various fields, such as energy systems and engineering science. Top level interdisciplinary research results in new innovations for use in the region.

Researchers at the LUT School of Energy Systems focus on energy engineering, electrical engineering, sustainability science and mechanical engineering. The research covers the technology and systems needed in the production, transfer, distribution and use of energy, from equipment manufacturing and fuel to the actual use of energy. The school has deep mechanical understanding of energy systems, as well as design and production capabilities for digital equipment and the ability to develop challenging welded metal structures. One of the aims of the research is to achieve a deep system-level understanding of the adoption of a carbon-free energy system and related economic, environmental and technical factors, as well as factors affecting competitiveness.

The LUT School of Engineering Science differentiates itself from competitors through its know-how, which is based on real-life problems. The school develops safer, more ecological and energy-efficient methods of production, as well as cost-efficient solutions for the industrial sector and various stages of production. Its research activities combine technology, natural sciences and engineering know-how. The aim is to resolve challenges of the future, such as the sufficiency of energy, water and other natural resources, and to develop new applications for biotechnology and medicine, environmental protection, meteorology and digital media. The unit specialises in separation technologies and scientific calculations. LUT’s Laboratory of Separation Technology was established in 1997. The laboratory’s aim is to understand separation methods, generate new know-how and develop new applications. Operations are developed through collaboration.

Outotec’s new technology centre, focusing on drainage, was opened in Lappeenranta in 2015. The technology centre develops new products and processes for the separation of fluids and solids, as well as for the re-use of materials throughout the lifecycle of plants. In addition to having an extensive selection of drainage solutions, Outotec possesses strong process know-how, and it has plenty of experience in the integration of different systems and partial processes. In its new technology centre, the company can model and optimise customers’ processes, integrate them into Outotec technologies and thus streamline the operation of various plants throughout their lifecycle.

Many other companies, such as Fazer, also have a research centre in Lappeenranta.

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