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From chimneys to modern industry and services

South Karelia boasts the densest forest industry hub in Europe. Companies such as UPM and Stora Enso also carry out research in the area. Significant investments are made in the strong industries in Lappeenranta, such as the forest and bioindustries. The technology, rock, mineral, milling and metal sectors also offer many opportunities to companies, with a wide network of partners and customers available nearby. There are many employers in Lappeenranta that believe in the city.

The most significant industrial employees include UPM Kymmene, Stora Enso Wood Products, Metsä Fibre, Switch Drive Systems, Kemira Chemicals, Nordkalk, Metehe, Fazer Confectionery, Fazer Bakeries, Vaasan and Outotec.

Ekmet is a joint marketing and collaboration network for metal companies in South Karelia. It has ten member companies, which have diverse skills and a lot of experience in engineering. Together, the companies are able to manufacture larger entities than they would be on their own.


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