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Research know-how at the university

The research carried out at the Lappeenranta University of Technology is focused on topical matters that call for action. LUT looks for solutions to control climate change, promote the use of solar and wind power, recycle waste and nutrients, and ensure the availability of clean water and energy, as well as the sustainability of business operations. LUT has deep mechanical understanding of energy systems, as well as design and production capabilities for digital equipment, and the ability to develop challenging metal structures, especially those needed in demanding arctic conditions. LUT’s fields of speciality include green chemistry, separation technologies and scientific calculations.

The research platforms used at the university include the SIM platform for sustainable product processes through simulation, which is intended for energy-efficient machine design through real-time simulation, and the REFLEX platform for recycling carbon in a flexible competitive energy system, the aim of which is to find ways to recycle carbon in renewable energy systems that re-use carbon dioxide over and over and store renewable energy.

Research on environmental engineering and energy technology

Research related to environmental engineering is focused on the examination of systems used in communities and the industrial sector. System analyses are used to find solutions that improve energy-efficiency and air quality and facilitate water protection in buildings and traffic, agriculture and the industrial sector. Important targets for development are identified and solutions are sought, taking into consideration the points of view of various operators.

When it comes to energy technology research, LUT has a deep understanding of environmental matters in the entire energy chain – fuels, energy production technologies, power networks ad markets, the use of energy and its production processes. Research carried out at the university covers the areas of energy conversion and modelling of conversion systems; energy economics; technical thermodynamics; fluidised bed combustion; renewable energy systems; flow technologies; and nuclear safety. LUT aims to achieve a deep system-level understanding of the adoption of a carbon-free energy system and related economic, environmental and technical factors, as well as factors affecting competitiveness.

A business-oriented university

LUT’s aim is to be the first business-oriented university in Finland that meets the OECD criteria. Economics research at the university emphasises responsible business operations and the promotion of the growth and internationalisation of SME businesses. Key research questions include the nature of strategies, business models and networks that enable sustainable generation of value in the future.

LUT also uses research to create new models and processes for organisations. In addition, research carried out at the university revolves around acquisitions, the spread of innovations, the development of the cleantech field, and commercialisation.

Research know-how at the university of applied sciences

The Saimaa University of Applied Sciences (Saimia) is involved in many projects jointly with other universities, as well as representatives of industry and commerce. The strategic areas of focus at Saimia include the generation of business on the basis of innovations; growth and internationalisation of SME enterprises; and customer-oriented social and health care services.

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