Green Campus

LUT Green Campus

The thought and action model used at the Lappeenranta University of Technology reflects the university’s green values and extensive energy know-how. LUT plays its part in the creation of sustainable solutions to global challenges. It provides a unique research and learning environment that utilises innovations developed on-site. LUT aims to reduce the environmental load through interdisciplinary research and teaching methods. The level of environmental protection actions is monitored and measured regularly, and environmental operations are developed to ensure that commitments are met.

The Green Campus reflects LUT’s intensive energy know-how and makes use of research on renewable sources of energy. Green values and energy-efficiency are a reality on the Skinnarila campus. Renewable energy is not only researched at LUT; the university also produces and uses it. The campus area boasts a wind farm and solar plant, the electricity from which is used in research and to recharge the electric cars and bikes at the university.

The Green Campus is proof of how science, technology and business operations can be used to address ecological issues and to build a sustainable environment. Carbon footprint indicators and energy-use counters are accessible to all. The ‘green’ in Green Campus is not limited to green values and environmentally friendly applications; it is visible all around the university.

In summer 2013, the Green Campus was awarded the first prize in the campus category of the global Sustainable Campus Excellence Award competition. Sixteen universities from around the world competed in the final. The competition was organised by the International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN), the members of which include universities such as Yale, MIT, Oxford, Stanford and Harvard. In addition to LUT, Aalto University is another Finnish member of the network.

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