GES corporate network

Partners and visibility from a network

The Lappeenranta region has an active Green Energy Showroom (GES) network, the members of which want to generate business through sustainable solutions. The companies within the network attend events together, market their know-how, offer their services jointly, and generate new business in the region.

Active collaboration between the companies has resulted in new customers, from both within and outside the network. The members of the network have launched new products and started product development projects together.

Being a member of the network, enterprises find it easier to become involved in projects and find new partners in collaboration. Through the network, companies have also found new markets for their products and services.

The members of the GES network also have a say in how the achievement of the Green Lappeenranta objectives, specified in the City of Lappeenranta’ strategy, can be promoted and prioritised through the city’s investments and service acquisitions.

The Green Energy Showroom network aims to:

  • Promote the region as a centre of energy technology and environmental engineering
  • Promote local enterprises among customers, partners and prospective employees
  • Promote networking and the development of the business environment
  • Provide an infrastructure for testing and demonstrating environmental and energy solutions and their functionality in the conditions of the North
  • Showcase high-tech objects from the region
  • Support synergy and networking between the Green Energy Showroom and Lappeenranta University of Technology’s Green Campus
  • Increase energy tourism in the region
  • Attract innovative investments to the region

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