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Energy and Environment

The leader in energy technology and environmental engineering in Finland

With its commitment to ambitious environmental objectives, the City of Lappeenranta offers a great environment for businesses operating in the fields of energy technology and environmental engineering. The city aims to become a hub for operators in the energy and environmental sectors, ensuring the growth of industry and commerce through collaboration between businesses, the university and the city. Lappeenranta was chosen as the climate capital of Finland in WWF’s Earth Hour City Challenge in 2016 and 2014. In 2016, it was the only Finnish city taking part in the competition. Lappeenranta is a pioneer in matters related to energy and the environment in many ways.

The city is home to many businesses, especially those born out of the research know-how at the Lappeenranta University of Technology. Forest industry operators also make significant investments in innovations in the energy and environmental sectors. LUT is the most important university-level provider of education and producer of research in the energy sector in Finland. Research in energy- and environment-related matters is closely linked to business economics and digitalisation, which affects every sector.

An operating environment that promotes success

Many of the most innovative enterprises in Lappeenranta are located on the Green Campus in Skinnarila, which was named the world’s most environmentally friendly campus in 2014. The LUT Green Campus provides a research and teaching environment that utilises the university’s innovations and know-how in energy-related matters. The area boasts a large solar power station and a wind farm, which produce energy not only for research activities but also for the charging of electric cars, scooters and bikes at the university.

Through a growth agreement, the Lappeenranta region and the Finnish state have committed to the promotion of experiments and flagship projects related to an emissions-free energy system, circulation economy and water purification, as well as to the utilisation of public investments as companies’ references and product development targets.

The Lappeenranta region has an active Green Energy Showroom (GES) network, the members of which want to generate business through sustainable solutions. Through this network, enterprises have constant access to the latest information, and they can share opinions and experiences in a positive and unreserved climate.



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